WiModem For the Commodore 64!

WiModem w/OLED WiModem is an internet modem for your Commodore 8 bit computer that emulates a standard Hayes compatible modem. Just plug the WiModem into the USER PORT and connect to BBS’s all over the world! The WiModem requires access to your local router and supports easy WiFi setup, including WPS one-button setup! Firmware updates are done using a simple command that fetches the latest firmware from the CBMSTUFF.COM server and updates the WiModem – all without ever having to remove the WiMo



A Calculated Move


The latest addition to the Commodore Conservatory is this little fellow. I remember getting a similar one for Christmas around 1978. I thought I was living in the future! – an expensive and impressive piece of kit for the time. Works beautifully, and I got this on ebay for £2.00 !