Game of the Month – Son of Blagger

Title: Son Of Blagger img_0192

Released: 1985, Alligata Software Ltd.

Platform: Commodore 64

Format: Cassette





Alligata Bites Back is, I think, simply a re-release series from Alligata Software, cut down versions (in terms of packaging) and cheaper. This one is released in 1985, 1 year after its first showing.

I recently got this as a present, along with lots more goodies, so we’re good for Game of The Month for another year at least!


The packaging is standard for the Bites Back series, green labels with stamped name, and minimal cover details.

Simple instructions on the inner sleeve include movement key mappings, and loading (press shift/run-stop).

Left = Z    –   Right = X   –   Jump=Return

The Restore key switches to Joystick Control.

Loading time was about 4 minutes and there is no loading screen or any other entertainment during that time. Just the flashing lines we all know so well.






Straight from loading you are presented with the welcome screen, and pressing space takes you directly to the first level.

The air starts to decrease Manic Miner style and you need to have your wits about you to find all the keys strewn around to end the level. Keys are off screen as well as on so you’ll need to move about  and shift the scenery left and right, and think logically to get them all in the time allowed. Mechanics are a little frustrating but you soon get used to them – movement is again similar to Manic Miner, in fact the game is, of course, heavily influenced, as was Blagger before it.


One thing that hasn’t improved with age is my skill at the Blagger games! I find it really hard, and soon found myself wanting to load in a hacked version from my trusty 1541 Ultimate II, but resisted cheating to play through properly. Well honesty only gets you so far, and in my case that was the 2nd level! I will persevere though.

Playability is good. Good enough to be addictive, and the game is quick enough in terms of restarting to get you replaying once dead in a matter of seconds.

blaggerMusic is really good – I didn’t get annoyed with it at all, just the right level of benign, background tune to help move the game along. And the sound effects are few and far between but work.

All in all I enjoyed playing Son of Blagger and it will be one I’ll return to, added to the list of games I want to beat without cheating.


As I have previously mentioned, if a video/play through exists elsewhere I will link to it rather than reinvent the wheel, so please see AL82’s video below. It WILL contain spoilers including the ending so if you don’t want to see that, don’t click!