Basic 10 Liner 2020

I love this competition.

I am constantly amazed at the originality and complexity of code that cleverer people than me can fit into 10 lines. Plus it explicitly bans machine language code so it is a competition very close to my heart ūüôā

If you want to enter this year you have roughly 1 month left before the deadline of March 21st 2020.

There is no longer any restriction on legal systems – any and all 8 bit computers are eligible.

Over the coming weeks I’m planning to post and review past winners and notable entries from the competition, including this bad boy from 2015.


I mean really, invaders in 10 lines? I can barely get ‘Hello World’ working in 10 lines.

Anyway if you’re interested do go here for the official website and scroll down this post for the rules. Good luck!





1. Loading of data or program parts from mass storage is not allowed
2. The 10 lines must not contain any machine programs
3. All code must be visible in the listing: self-modifying code or hidden initializations are not allowed
4. Allowed are POKEs in storage locations
5. Deadline for submissions: Saturday, March 21, 2020, 6 p.m. CET
6. Award ceremony: Saturday, April 4, 2020 at NOMAM
7a. Voting by a panel of experts

7b. “Public’s Choice” special award. Give hearts to your favorites on BASIC 10Liners twitter account @Basic10L

8. The program must be submitted on a disk or tape image

9. The program must be listable
10. Together with the program, a text file with the program description and instructions should be submitted, including a brief description of the start via emulator
11. For program descriptions and code explanations there can be up to 0.5 bonus points in the rating
12. The programmers agree to a publication of the programs, the descriptions and the instructions by the organizer
13. Send to (see email on official site), receive a confirmation per E-Mail or in the 10Liner Forum