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I collect PlayStation games from the PS1 to the PS4, so Lets Play videos, car boot finds, items of interest for modern day consoles will appear here. Hey, these will be retro too one day!


    Journey - 15 Minute Play Through (PS4)

    I don't mind weird. Or odd. I'm a fan of both, actually, but I don't know...I like games to have a beginning and an end. Or at least a journey where you have a vague idea of where it is you're going and where you might end up. Ironic, then, that Journey just leaves me with a sense of bewilderment.

    I have read other reviews gush out descriptive platitudes about how beautiful it looks, how moving it is and how some players inexplicably cry when playing the game, seemingly moved to tears by sand dunes and flying ribbons. Barely a mention of the 'game' or the mechanics.

    There are puzzles to solve, how to create a bridge and gather ribbons to populate your scarf and fly etc. but no sense of what to do when you solve them. You may find yourself accompanying another player (CGI or real life) but the way they just sort of stand around and wait to see what you are going to do adds to the sense of confusion.

    Admittedly I haven't given it very long, about 20 minutes is all I could manage. Although by all accounts that leaves only another 1 hour 40 mins gameplay, and I may revisit to see if it improves, but honestly, as a gamer for over 30 years I really don't understand the fuss made about Journey.

    I'm fully prepared to admit that it's probably me, that I might be missing something, but games are very much personal experiences, one man's meat and all that.

    Maybe I'm dead inside, but I'd take zombie blasting, shot gun slinging shooters any day of the week over this!


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