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ZX Spectrum

What? Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum in the same blog! Well, yes, and again I am correcting something that my younger self just would not allow to happen. By and large I was sure that my choice of 8 bit, the C64, was the best on the market. And I stick by that. But now and then there were games for the Spectrum (Knightlore stands out as an example) that made me a little envious. The sheer amount of games, the price, the continuous improvements to the hardware, all made me secretly want to own one. Well….I do now.


I have a ZX Spectrum +2 and latest posts on all things Sinclaire will appear below.

    Programs on Vinyl

    About 12 years ago I ran a successful Vinyl to CD/iTunes service and was really busy - from entire Jazz collections (literally, hundreds of LPs) to one off privately recorded 78s, I digitised them all. Then with the advent of cheap plug-and-play USB turntables the demand petered out. I still do it for myself and friends and the occasional commission, but no longer can it be called a business.

    Anyway, the upshot of all that is I have boxes of vinyl lying around that I have acquired, and one of those boxes was a closing down sale, old stock from a record shop, full of around 1000 7" singles. It was in this box I came across a single by Mainframe - Talk To Me.

    mainframe          img_0136

    What really grabbed my attention was the B Side. Talk To Me contained 4 programs for the Apple II, ZX Spectrum, BBC B and ZX81 - Vinyl and Retro Computing? All in one place? To the audio cleaning lab!

    So of course, I had to get the vinyl recorded and hopefully somebody can load it in to one of these great computers to see what Mainframe were trying to tell us back in 1983. I don't have any of these anymore (see previous post) and sadly the Commodore was not catered for. Audio at the end of this post.

    I did find a great article over at so do click through to read more about programs on vinyl.



    BBC Model B

    Apple II

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    The big news this month is I have sold, yes, sold some vintage computers to make some room and get a bit of much needed cash. Obviously not the Commodore 64 stuff, that would be silly, but the Amiga and Spectrum have now gone.

    3D Illustration of a Gavel Placed Above the Word Sold

    Actually, apart from money and room, the other major reason is time. I just don't have the time to dedicate to lots of different hardware, and I really do need to dedicate myself to learning Assembly on the C64. So decision made, the Commodore setup in the Retro Corner is now fully geared towards development, and I have sourced some definitive books on the subject, thanks to the great Commodore 64/128 facebook group.

    This blog is where I will be keeping a track of my game dev - first things first, storyline/title stuff like that. Not even sure what genre. All great fun though and I'm excited to see what I end up with.

    Oh and I'll keep the Amiga/Spectrum tabs as I am absolutely certain that I'll be collecting these machines again once space/time/money allows! This is the curse of the collector. The cycle of selling and collecting continues....

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