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Commodore Amiga

Yes, I know it’s a 16 bit computer, and this is an 8 bit blog, but it’s mine so I can do what I like. I never owned an Amiga in the 80s, I went straight from 8 bit to PC. I remember still using my C64 though, right up to 1990, and coveting an Amiga sooo much – just could never afford one, and then work life was so heavily PC based that that just happened.


I am correcting that mistake now, and living the Amiga as I should have done the first time around.

I own an A500 with 1.5 MB expansion – latest posts in the Amiga category will be listed below.


    The big news this month is I have sold, yes, sold some vintage computers to make some room and get a bit of much needed cash. Obviously not the Commodore 64 stuff, that would be silly, but the Amiga and Spectrum have now gone.

    3D Illustration of a Gavel Placed Above the Word Sold

    Actually, apart from money and room, the other major reason is time. I just don't have the time to dedicate to lots of different hardware, and I really do need to dedicate myself to learning Assembly on the C64. So decision made, the Commodore setup in the Retro Corner is now fully geared towards development, and I have sourced some definitive books on the subject, thanks to the great Commodore 64/128 facebook group.

    This blog is where I will be keeping a track of my game dev - first things first, storyline/title stuff like that. Not even sure what genre. All great fun though and I'm excited to see what I end up with.

    Oh and I'll keep the Amiga/Spectrum tabs as I am absolutely certain that I'll be collecting these machines again once space/time/money allows! This is the curse of the collector. The cycle of selling and collecting continues....

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